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Projects in the area of Strategic Planning (These projects have been conducted using the AGNI Model designed by us. AGNI Model is in patenting process.)

- Restructuring the Business Model of the dealerships of Mahindra & Mahindra's Tractor Business and redefining their growth strategies.

- Assisting Tata Motors in strengthening the dealerships of Commercial Vehicle Business.

- Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd. "Strategic Planning"

- Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd. "Organizational Effectiveness & Strategic Planning'

Dr. Girish Jakhotiya's book 'Practical Aspects of HR Management' is expected to be published in 2016.

Presently writing a book 'Economics Of Survival' - This book portraits the socio-economic problems faced by the world & the possible sustainable solutions.

Conducted a program on 'Strategic Planning, Execution & Measurement (SPEM)' for the Institute of Indian Foundrymen.

Conducted a program on 'Strategic & Financial Aspects of Dealership Management' for M & M Ltd.

Conducted a program on 'Becoming a Complete Manager' for L & T Electrical & Automation Division.

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We use an integrated approach for business consultations, combining global realities and Indian priorities. We observe moral accountability and use original ideas, while offering solutions to our clients.



To become a globally known consulting firm, with its original ideas, latest & profitable solutions and customer-centric performance.