We write educative & consultative case studies for our clients. These cases serve multiple purposes of knowledge sharing, documentation of major achievements, and presentation to new clients etc. We also write occasional papers for our clients. So far we have authored cases and papers in the following sectors / segments –

1. Automobile
2. Mining
3. Electronics & Electricals
4. Construction
5. Skin Care, Food & Beverages
6. Hospitality
7. Infrastructure
8. Medical Equipments
9. Textile
10. Agriculture
11. Information Technology
12. Chemicals

Books & Monographs
1. Finance Made Simple
(Authored by Dr. Girish & Manjiri Jakhotiya)
(Published by Jakhotiya & associates)

2. Strategic Financial Management
(Authored by Dr. Girish Jakhotiya)
(Published by Vikas Publishing House, Delhi)



3. Strategic Planning, Execution & Measurement

(Authored by Dr. Girish Jakhotiya)

(Published by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, USA)                                




Dr. Girish Jakhotiya's book titled 'Practical Aspects of HR Management' will be published in year 2016.